Mapuche Gastronomy and Tourism in Temuco

Peuma Ñuke is the dream of a mother to perpetuate the traditional recipes of our grandmothers using local products, revitalizing our traditional cuisine.

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About Us

We are a family-owned indigenous tourism and fusion cuisine company, specializing in indigenous tourism, which manages efficient development processes for people, companies, institutions, corporations, organizations, and indigenous communities.

We promote quality standards in the integration of a differentiated offer based on a responsible coexistence of natural diversity and local culture.

We provide an authentic and differentiated tourist experience, which transcends with its history and memory. Achieving in this way, a resignification of the experience of the Mapuche people.

We strengthen the control of the Mapuche cultural territory.

Products & Services

Catering Service

We offer a unique culinary experience with a thematic focus on Mapuche identity.

Educational Talks

Attention to groups, educational tours, attention to schools and institutions.


Cooking classes and training for entrepreneurs.

Experiential Tourism

You can live a unique experience with a Mapuche family within an Indigenous Community, performing field activities.

Dome Accommodation

High-quality dome accommodation service, fully equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

Remember to make your reservations with 24 hours notice

The Ruka

The Ruka has a very valuable cultural significance. Since it is related to the Mapuche conception of the cosmos, in addition to the symbolic consideration of being part of the center of Mapu (land).

Communication is carried out through the access door, which must always face Puel Mapu (east), where the first rays of sunrise can be seen.

Once inside the Ruka, a particular internal order can be appreciated. It must be reproduced according to the ceremonial order, which is: right to left, both in the location of the buildings and the visitors and those who make up the family unit.

A Space with Meaning

The Ruka in its original structure does not have windows. The only openings that communicate it with the outside are the smoke exits in the roof. Circular in shape, it tries to imitate the Wenu Mapu.

This space consecrates sacred characteristics since it is understood as the place where our ancestors live, and for this reason, it is considered a point of inflection between heaven and earth.



Department of Administration and Economics UFRO

We obtained the first place in the Consumer Rights contest promoted by the Department of Administration and Economics UFRO. We have as a fundamental principle and rule, to maintain relationships based on mutual respect. The most important thing is the integration and satisfaction of our consumers, and to ensure the prosperous well-being of the service provided.


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